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Skin and nails can reveal underlying problems

Skin and Nail Care

Permanent Ingrown Nail Removal Guaranteed

Podiatry provides a full range of skin and nail care for your feet. From corns and calluses and plantar warts to toenail problems that can affect people of all ages, but tend to be more common with advancing age.

The causes of problems range from trauma, ill-fitting shoes, poor circulation to infection. If you have nail or skin problems, or simply find it difficult to reach your feet, Podiatry Illawarra can help you.

Ingrown Nail Care – Our Guarantee

Nail surgery is usually performed to cure a chronic ingrown toenail. It can also be used to permanently remove thickened or deformed toenails. Nail surgery performed in our clinic is a simple “walk in walk out” procedure, performed under sterile conditions. It takes approximately 1 hour and is described in simple terms as follows:
  1. A local anaesthetic is injected into the toe.
  2. The offending section of nail is cut out at the root.
  3. The nail bed is sterilised to ensure the offending section of nail does not regrow.
  4. The toe is appropriately dressed with an antiseptic.

The benefit of nail surgery is that once the toe has fully healed the offending side or curved part of the nail will not regrow. We give a 100% guarantee that if any part of the removed nail regrows we will redo the operation at no cost to the patient.

Why choose us for nail surgery?

 There are 5 good reasons why you should choose Podiatry Illawarra for your ingrown toenail surgery:

  1. Walk in walk out procedure taking only 1 hour. No time off feet and minimal time off from work or school.
  2. No waiting time or time spent in hospital.
  3. Safe effective procedure performed by experienced podiatrists under local anaesthetic and sterile conditions.
  4. Fast healing with minimal post-op discomfort.
  5. Guaranteed results.
Podiatry Illawarra anna smiling with scalpel and nails
Podiatry Illawarra nail clipping